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Got Stems? Mashups For The Masses

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Stems are the isolated instrumental or vocal tracks from a specific recording, and they're commonly used for two things: Remix contests for bands and video games. Until recently, creating remixes with stems was done exclusively by producers, or DJs with expensive software. Music fans are now in on the fun, remixing and sharing their creations, and not only has this introduced an exciting new marketing tool for bands - it's caught the record companies completely off guard. Explore the advantages and disadvantages that artists, labels and publishers face when their stems are released to the public.



Kahlil Ashanti

Artist & Label Rel

Ashanti Enterprises Inc

After sifting through many titles, I've decided to accept the title of adaptor. Born in Germany, raised in Japan, finished school in Iowa - culture shock. Performed magic in Japanese at Caesar's Palace for three years, and I only barbecue with charcoal. I don't belong here, but since I've taken my personal story of suffering violent childhood abuse around the world to critical acclaim in the form of a one man show called Basic Training, I think I'll stay. Let's meet and eat. No nonsense, no pretension. Just sharing. @kahlilashanti

Erik Ashdown


Indiloop Media Inc

Born in Montreal Qc, Canada, and currently residing in Vancouver BC, Erik is the person who you talk to when you want to turn your ideas into actions.

Growing up in Montreal Erik worked at a variety of odd jobs and was constantly hired at either the beginning of a company, or would be around for the inevitable failure. Having seen what had worked, and what had not worked for business Erik was drawn to the idea of marketing with hopes that if he could learn why some companies had failed and others succeed he would one day be able to apply these techniques for his own business.

During college and then University most of Ashdown’s jobs revolved around the service industry where he learnt about the value of customer service, and how pleasing people was really the best way to operate a successful business. This perspective was gained by both roles as staff and managerial positions.

Erik Ashdown and Karl Godard co-founded Indiloop in July 2011.


Christian Castle

Managing Partner

Christian L Castle Attorneys

Chris Castle is Managing Partner of Christian L. Castle, Attorneys based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2004, the four lawyer firm represents a variety of clients in music, motion pictures and television, as well as technology companies and video game publishers. Chris also consults leading organizations on public policy matters relating to copyright, artist rights and the Internet, and is admitted in California and Texas.


Lane McCray



Brandon Martinez



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