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Beyond 3D Printing: The 3rd Industrial Revolution

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Over the past decade the record industry has seen a monumental shift in the way creators make and distribute their product to fans. The same thing is about to happen to the design and manufacturing of all physical goods.
The potential already exists for people with ordinary means and a good idea for a product to take charge of their own means of production and to reach consumers directly.
However, everyone talks about 3D printing and digital manufacturing like the future is already here, but so far what we've seen from that space is a lot of plastic doodads and not a lot of new businesses or "killer apps" that use 3D printing.
Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan will break down what's really going on in the digital manufacturing space and introduce a new technology that will actually fulfill the promise of Desktop Manufacturing, and how those fit into the rapidly changing landscape of consumer goods.



Zach Kaplan



Zach Kaplan is the founder and CEO of InventablesTM, the hardware store for designers. The company is attempting to bring manufacturing from the factory to the desktop making it as accessible as desktop publishing. Inventables sells machines and supplies for custom manufactures to make products ranging from jewelry and signs to furniture.

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