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Mission 31 – How Exploration Enhances Advocacy

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At the crux of all life that we know lies water, the one substance that makes this planet special. Yet, it is largely unexplored and little understood. We are beholden to it for everything but we don't know much about how it dictates our economy, weather, health or even our very own future. At the helm of a unique project called Mission 31, Fabien Cousteau will lead a team of modern day aquanauts. Based in the only undersea marine habitat, they will live underwater and explore the surrounding undersea world for an epic 31 days. During this underwater adventure, Fabien and his team will not only be conducting cutting edge science experiments around climate change, and human physiology as well as documentary filming but will also connecting to millions around the world in real time via the web thru platforms like Skype In The Classroom, Twitter, Facebook, and more from the depths below. All this in the name of the human-ocean connection.



Fabien Cousteau

Ocean Explorer

Bonnet Rouge

Growing up on decks of his famous Grandfather’s ships, Calypso and Alcyone, Fabien champions the family legacy as third generation ocean explorer and filmmaker.
From his vast experience in the field, coupled with a degree in environmental economics from Boston University, he has refined a public policy platform grounded by his strong belief that environmental discipline can be the basis for innovative solutions that strike a balance between regional and global environmental problems and the realities of market economies.
Fabien has worked with National Geographic, Discovery, PBS and CBS to produce ocean exploration documentaries from 1998-2006. In 2006, Fabien partnered with his father, Jean-Michel Cousteau, and sister, Celine, for an ongoing multi-year multi-hour series for PBS called Ocean Adventures. In 2010 he launched Plant A Fish, an innovative nonprofit organization designed to empower communities and children around the importance of our ocean planet.

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