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Fuck Cancer's Yael Cohen Challenges the Status Quo

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I think the cancer space is broken. By using tech, humor & humans we've managed to challenge the status quo & create a truly different cancer movement. I'll talk about why we've made the decisions we have, how they've manifested & where they've led us.
We're different becasue:
1. We target the youth, which means we go where they are (online) and speak their language (humor, wit & edge).
2. We're impatient, so we found a way to make the cancer space active (early detection, risk reduction, community & communication) rather than passive (funding research).
The cancer space handles everyone with kid gloves. This didn't work for me. So we created an authentic, raw, edgy space. We humanize cancer, we don't just tell you what a biopsy is, we tell you what it feels like. We teach the things nobody is really talking about – like how to tell your mom you have cancer. We harness the cumulative experiential knowledge of the community to help the community to come.



Yael Cohen



Yael Cohen is the founder, president, and CEO of Fuck Cancer, a cancer education organization aiming to activate Gen­‐Y to engage with their parents about early detection, preventative lifestyles & communication around cancer. Yael launched FCancer in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to marshal strength for her mom, Yael decided to use the “F” word to fight the “C” word.
Yael herself serves as an advocate for a range of health and health care issues and through her work with FCancer, she is changing the way people talk about cancer by creating a human, authentic movement. Now at 4 years old, FCancer creates unique tools & campaigns that people can relate to, using technology, humor, & celebrities to enable their community to engage with cancer on a different level.
Yael is not only versed in health care issues, but has also become a recognized leader in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

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