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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Foreign Startups: US Challenges & Opportunities

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Carmelo Gordian (Partner at Andrews & Kurth), John Edge (a UK Entrepreneur), Lefteris Douanoglou (CEO at Schoox) and Angelos Angelou (Angelou Economics) will identify and address the major issues and challenges international startups face when transitioning to the US, such as:

Legal Issues:
-Company registration –where to register (state), how to register and what company form fits best
-Company governance
-Taxation (federal, state and local level)
-Visa requirements and immigration

Choosing the right location:
-Industry hubs
-Choosing the right City: where to establish a base of operations and why

Achieving business success:
-Go-to market and business development: BoD and BoA, recruiting, price policy, customer acquisition/sales, marketing, strategic alliances
-Efficient networking and how to get in front of investors; access to funding
-The business ‘cultural’ aspect

Takeaways for international startups:
i. Develop a clear view of the main issues arising during a transition to the US
ii. Get critical initial input on how to tackle those challenges and make a successful landing
iii. Identify and pursue growth opportunities



Angelos Angelou



Angelos Angelou is the Founder and Principal Executive Officer of AngelouEconomics(AE) bringing over 30 years of experience in economic development and site selection. AE has completed over 500 strategic plans across the globe and performed site selection for over $18 billion worth of investments.
As the chief economist of the firm, Angelos regularly speaks at national economic industry forecast events.
A highly visible leader in the field of economic development across the United States, Angelos is widely regarded as the chief architect in the establishment of Austin as a major technology center. He is widely regarded as an expert on technology based economic development, site location, public policy, investment attraction and marketing. His comments and insights are regularly sought by the national and international media.
Angelos also founded the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas to focus on foreign born entrepreneurs. First success story is Schoox.com from Greece. At present, we are working with about 20 start ups to bring them to the US. Focused on technology start ups with a fully developed platform or product who can realize their full potential by coming to the US.

Demetris Gerogiannis


QReca! Private COmpany


John Edge


Red Rose Global Limited

Lead the strategic plan for the recent acquisition of Redkite Financial Markets by NICE Actimize, to deliver an expansion of Redkite's global cloud compliance solution.

Co-Founded Redkite Financial Markets following a decade in Global Markets Investment Banking. Expanded the business globally, establishing North America business strategy.

Experienced financial services professional with expertise in Business Strategy, Relationship Management and Platform Design.

Leveraging a broad network across global Investment Banks, Investment Managers and Technology providers, to actively apply a keen understanding of market dynamics and the participants there in.

A major advocate of collaboration and the belief that strong decision making, combining specific capabilities, delivers effective solutions.

Specialties:Surveillance, Risk Management, Electronic Trading, Exchanges,


Tony Defalis


2LeadFast Ventures

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