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AWS GameDay with Obama for America & NASA/JPL

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In 2012, two small teams set out to deliver on massive expectations for "failure-is-not-an-option" projects with extraordinarily limited time and resources. Both teams nailed it: every space geek in the world saw the Mars Curiosity Rover's first images live from Amazon S3 and Cloudfront and watched a HD live-stream of the event, and the 170+ custom applications on AWS powering the radical Obama for America campaign played no small part in helping President Obama win his bid for re-election.

Miles Ward, your presenter, was embedded within these teams during the design, development, testing, deployment, and operational phases of these projects, and will relay critical insights about the use of cloud at this scale. 100,000 WCU DynamoDB tables; replicating 27TB across the continent; 60+ terabit/s of live-streamed video; nearly a billion dollars in processed donations; hundreds of instances, 528,000 IOPS, oh my! Sponsored by Amazon Web Services.



Miles Ward

Sr Mgr Solutions Architecture

Amazon Web Services

Miles Ward is an Amazon Web Services Manager of Solutions Architecture whose experience with high performance, fault tolerant, and cost efficient infrastructures has helped numerous AWS customers and partners. Miles has been with Amazon Web Services since 2010 and is responsible for designing and developing architectures relating to big data and social analytics, multi-tiered storage, live video streaming, and HA and DR approaches for RDBMS and NoSQL systems. Author of the SQL Server on EC2 and MongoDB on EC2 white papers, contributor to the AWS architecture training classes and certification programs, and Patent Pending Amazon inventor, Miles has engineered successes with marquee customers and partners like Obama for America,RightScale, NASA/JPL, Microsoft, 10gen, Adobe, Splunk, and Nokia.

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