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Austin: Home of the Journey Entrepreneur

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Journey entrepreneurship is a unique path which results from the "journey capital" of the founder. Your journey capital is the sum of experiences, relationships, knowledge, passions, skills and capabilities accumulated through your life.
Journey entrepreneurs have a fundamentally different approach to their ventures than other entrepreneurs. Their venture is a direct expression of their unique perspective and they focus on problems they love. This means that they use the elements of product, people, customers, capital and time in a unique way. Tools such as business planning, lean, etc. have to be modified (and often discarded!) for the journey entrepreneur.
While journey entrepreneurs - Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, John Mackey - are found everywhere, Austin provides a unique support system for journey entrepreneurs. Why? Austin is a city that helps people discover and express themselves. Starting a journey business is a natural next step!



Bijoy Goswami

Journey Steward

Bootstrap Austin

founder Bootstrap Austin, author The Human Fabric

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