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The Most Influential Visualizations of All Time

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Why do we produce charts, infographics, reports or, indeed, any kind of media? We do it to change the world and to influence people. Are you succeeding in doing that in your role?

We've chosen the 5 most influential visualizations of all time. Each of the charts in this list instigated change: one helped eradicate cholera, another revolutionized nursing. Each was authored by someone passionate and dedicated to a mission. We'll explain the context of each visualization and the author behind them. We'll also discover what we can learn from each and apply to our own work, whether it is data visualization or not.

You'll leave knowing not only more about the history of data visualization but about how you can create change in your own work.



Andy Cotgreave

Social Content Mgr

Tableau Software

As Tableau's Social Content Manager, Andy is responsible for generating and tracking amazing, engaging content relating to data. He developed Tableau's Visual Analytics course and writes on the subject for the Huffington Post and on his blog gravyanecdote.com

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