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The Problem Is Not the Problem

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The greatest lesson I ever learned was this: I am a Problem Solver. Problem solvers look for (and often find) problems even when they don't exist.
The real problem is that most "problems" are not, in fact, problems. Without a simple framework to help us categorize different kinds of problems, what tends to happen is that people try to "solve" problems or "fix" things they think are broken when they would be better served by first understanding the problem's true nature. Rather than framing everything as a problem which, by definition, can be solved, it's essential to sort problems into the right bucket because some problems don't need to be solved, some get worse when we try to solve them, and others are simply too big to treat them as solvable.
From meteorites to mediation to mousetraps, we must learn the distinctions among different classes of problems so that we may focus our efforts and create the kind of world we want to live in through constant invitation and choice.


Harry Max

VP Experience Design

Rackspace Hosting


Jim Meyer

VP, Prod Dev

Rackspace Hosting

Jim Meyer is Vice President of Software Development at Rackspace. In his 30 years as a geek, Jim has worked with everything from soldering irons to software in nearly every major programming language. His time in startups drove into him a customer-focused, product-oriented approach that makes lean startup methodology a natural fit.

Before joining Rackspace, Jim has held leadership roles at Wealthfront, LinkedIn, Disney, and DreamWorks Animation, building his leadership style around his four core values of passion, respect, integrity, and candor; and earning a reputation as an accomplished leader with a storng commitment to growing effective people and creative teams.

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