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Ubuntu Leadership: Leaders for a Connected Africa

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It is projected that by 2050 Africa's GDP will be bigger than the GDPs of the U.S and China combined. The continent as a whole has been growing at over 5% annually for close to a decade. This trend if maintained means that the continents economy will double every decade or so. All this is taking place on a continent with the most robust demographic trend in the world. With 70% of the continents population under the age of 30, it is clear that the people who will be charged with maintaining the current growth trajectory are the youth of today. Africa's recent history has been plagued by corruption and administrative ineptitude that stems directly from the lack of well trained and accountable leaders. A number of innovative African organizations are taking on the task of training Africa's future leaders to turn this crucial peace of the puzzle around. This panel will discuss the work that these organizations are doing, their successes and challenges in training Africa's future Leaders.


Frank Aswani


African Leadership Academy

John Kidenda

Board Member

The African Leadership Bridge

John Kidenda was born and raised in Kenya. He has a deep passion for the African continent and is on the Board of The African Leadership Bridge, an Austin based non-profit that provides innovative scholarships to help talented African students and study in the US and thereafter become change leaders within their home communities. He was previously an associate director at The Advisory Board Company before leaving to Pursue a Masters in Public Administration in International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. John is a die-hard longhorn and graduated from the McCombs School of Business with a double concentration in Computer Engineering and Accounting / Finance. He also received the Texas Exes “President’s Leadership Award” while at UT.


Rick Reeder


African Leadership Bridge

Rick Reeder started the African Leadership Bridge in 2007 after deciding to create an opportunity for the next generation of African leaders. Those individuals will serve their continent instead of themselves.

Mr. Reeder is also a Senior Manager at General Motors, and is President of the Board of Directors for the Austin Affiliate of Susan G Komen.


Takalani Malivha


The University of Texas at Austin

Takalani comes from Polokwane, South Africa and is the third of four children. Prior to coming to ALA, she lived with all her family in the Biaba, Nzhelele. She went to St.Brendan’s Catholic Secondary School in Botlokwa where she was part of the school mini choir and orchestra. For three years she was the commerce club chairperson and a librarian in her school. She was one of 50 girls country wide to be part of the 3 year program with LEAD global and Wits University - it is here where her leadership and entrepreneurship interest grew. Her student enterprise experience led her to student run enterprise: Salon TEN50, a campus based hair salon serving the entire ALA community. Takalani served as the CEO of the enterprise. Other leadership positions she held at ALA included serving the Honor Council as the Attorney General, being student head of the school choir (ALApella) and captain of the female soccer team. In December of 2012, she had the privilege of attending the Doha GOALS forum.

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