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Activism on the Internet: You're Doing It Wrong

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Vegans are often looked at as humorless jerks that just want to question the ingredients in hummus and create spectacles like putting topless pregnant ladies in cages, denouncing ex-vegans by sharing their personal information, and even campaigning against Pokemon for their turtle smashing video games.
We’re working to fight these stereotypes by innovating creative online actions that lead to real world results.“Thug Kitchen”, “Raw Vegan Not Gross” & events like the LA Vegan Beer Fest all have their roots in online activism.
We will present original research that takes a look at how strategies have connected with both the media and the internet public at large & how we can effectively grow an activist community online.These lessons can translate to other fields, & utilize the close to 2.5 billion people with internet access. We’re creating a network of allies in other intersectional causes like human rights, environmentalism, fair-trade, and health & nutrition issues.



Laura Beck

Founding Editor


Fat redhead usually wearing an outfit featuring some type of woodland creature.

I’m the weekend editor at sexxxy lady magazine Cosmopolitan, a contributor at lady blog Jezebel, a founding editor of the definitive/arbitrary vegan lifestyle blog Vegansaurus!, and write for lots of other places about things.

Finally, I would very much like to write for your hilarious TV sitcom.


Stephanie Bogdanich


Lazy Smurf's Guide to Life

Stephanie has been blogging about the vegan scene in Austin Texas since 2007.

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