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The Big Pivot: Doing Business in an Extreme World

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To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Inc Magazine created a list of 30 strategy books that all managers should own. This short list, drawn from 70 years of management thinking, included the global bestseller Green to Gold, Andrew Winston’s first book. With The Big Pivot, a new book launching at SXSW, Andrew takes the argument that green is good for business to a whole new level. In this session, he explores the mega challenges we’re facing – climate change, resource constraints, and new demands for transparency in a hyper-connected world – and describes how these pressures fundamentally change how business works. The new leaders will Pivot from focusing on short-term earnings to creating something deeper and more valuable. They’ll solve the world’s biggest challenges by, in part, asking new, heretical questions – and profit doing it. Andrew is a world-renowned and exciting speaker. Come see his new roadmap for creating better businesses and a more prosperous, safe, and just world.



Andrew Winston


Winston Eco-Strategies LLC

For its 30th anniversary, Inc Magazine created a list of 30 books that all managers should own, covering 70 years of strategy thinking from Drucker to Porter to Collins. Andrew Winston’s book, Green to Gold, was on this very short list.

As founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, Andrew advises some of the world’s leading companies; sits on sustainability advisory boards for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Unilever; and serves as a Sustainability Advisor to PwC. His earlier career included advising companies on corporate strategy while at the Boston Consulting Group and management positions in strategy and marketing at Time Warner and MTV. Today, Andrew is also a highly respected and dynamic speaker, reaching audiences of thousands of people around the world and acting as a practical evangelist for the business benefits of going green. He received his BA in Economics from Princeton, an MBA from Columbia, and a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale.

Andrew’s new book, The Big Pivot, out in early 2014, explores how companies can manage the profound challenges of a hotter, scarcer, more open world. The Big Pivot provides a new roadmap, helping executives create a more prosperous business, economy, and world.

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