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SCOUT: Solving the Transit "Last Mile" Problem

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The hardest problem to solve in many aspects of civic infrastructure — from telecom to utilities to postal service — is the so-called Last Mile: How do you efficiently connect homes, offices and other individual "endpoints" to the larger grid you're building? When it comes to sustainable urbanism and transportation, this is a make or break issue. Rapid transit can get people to and from transport hubs, but can't solve home-to-hub and hub-to-destination travel needs. That's where the idea of SCOUT comes in—Standardized City-Optimized Utility Transport, a safe, compact, efficient personal vehicular solution for the Last Mile of commuting, designed around the needs of users and the limitations of rapid transit and urban life. But what might SCOUT look like? This panel of innovators will give their individual takes on SCOUT and imagine how it might fill the transportation gaps in sustainable cities of the future.



Jeff Yang

Columnist, "Tao Jones"

Wall Street Journal Online

Jeff Yang writes the column "Tao Jones" for the Wall Street Journal Online, and is Senior Vice President and Head of Multicultural Insights at the leading trends and futures consultancy The Futures Company, a subsidiary of the global advertising conglomerate WPP. Prior to joining TFC, he spent seven years as Vice President and principal global strategist at Iconoculture, where he directed the company's research activities in Greater China, Japan and Korea. His research focus includes such topics as the use of mobile and social networks among younger generations, the social impact of technology, and the shifting nature of identity, both on and offline. For seven years, Yang wrote Asian Pop, a biweekly column on Asian and Asian American media, entertainment, technology and culture for the San Francisco Chronicle. He is a frequent contributor to WNYC radio, as a pundit on PRI's "The Takeaway" and as "Pop & Politics" correspondent for "The Brian Lehrer Show."


Josh Hon

Team Captain

Tern Bicycles

Joshua Hon is a founder and Team Captain at Tern where he focuses on the development of sustainable urban transport.

Tern is an award-winning leader in urban bicycle development and was founded in 2011. A sister brand, BioLogic, focuses on urban cycling accessories.

Prior to fouding Tern, Mr. Hon, helped turn around and build Dahon into the leading folding bicycle company. Before Dahon, Mr. Hon worked at A&R Partners, a leading Silicon Valley marketing communications firm.

Mr. Hon is interested in exploring a concept he calls "sustainable giving" which involves asking organizations to donate their expertise and efficiencies, for example Tern's massive economies of scale in manufacturing bicycles, rather than simply money. The central idea is that in difficult economic times, companies will be much less likely to donate money, but their willingness to donate their expertise and efficiencies should remain the same. He is a great believer in micro financing, having personally experienced how difficult it can be to grow a business without adequate financing.

Mr. Hon graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Arts in Organizational Behavior and Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology.


Peter Treadway

Co-Founder, CTO

Acton Global

Peter started ACTON 2 years ago in his garage. Since then, ACTON has grown to over 10 people team in Los Angeles and 10+ people team in Asia. ACTON focuses on portable personal mobility, products have been distributed to over 40+ countries. ACTON has gained award recognition and media coverage from Lexus Ignition Award to WSJ, FastCompany, CNN, BBC, DiscoveryChannel etc. 

Peter Treadway received his undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and his Masters from Art Center College of Design with a focus in Transportation. 
He has 16+ years design and consulting experience for start ups & fortune 500 companies across many disciplines. 

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