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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Mobile Addicts Anonymous Meet Up

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Do you love your phone? Do you love your phone so much that you cannot imagine life without it? That the thought of being “disconnected” creates an incredible sense of anxiety? This is THE meet up of SXSW where mobile addicts come together, swap mobile addiction stories, share the latest and greatest on mobile innovation and get their mobile fix!
The goal of this meet-up, is to bring together mobile influencers, power-users and yes, smartphone addicts, to have a peer-to-peer discussion on mobile user needs, frustrations and speak about where mobile innovation is heading.
This is an opportunity for mobile enthusiasts alike to speak up about what they love and hate about their smartphones. Having analysts, researchers and developers speak about mobile innovation is great. But who better than mobile addicts themselves, to truly understand the pain points and needs affecting us all.
Join us for a very fun and interactive meet-up and discussion on mobile innovation.


Denzil D'Sa



Denzil is a strong business leader with the powerful ability to motivate and lead teams. With over 15 years of experience in the luxury and technology markets, Denzil has managed the international marketing programs at Bombardier as well as at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Denzil has led extensive teams in all aspects of marketing, starting with product design and development to launch and in market strategies at Bombardier. Denzil is also passionate about technology and have led technology initiatives in his previous roles, such as technology transfer from space to terrestrial at the CSA.

As a founding partner at pplconnect, Denzil leads the tech team and new product innovation, while driving the Management functions and company culture.


Jenviev Azzolin



My passion lies in enabling positive social change by leveraging innovation and new technology in a meaningful way. I am an advocate of all things digital and believe now, more than ever, consumers have the power to shape the future of products and brands. Driven by a desire to do good, I launched PPLCONNECT to empower customers to take control over their mobile content. As Co-Founder of PPLCONNECT, I currently oversee the company’s strategic direction, new opportunities and central business functions.
Before launching PPLCONNECT, I had the opportunity to lead global product portfolios and international launches for multinationals. The most recent example being at Bombardier Aerospace, where I managed the launch of the Global 7000 & 8000 business jets. The launch was deemed the most successful in business aviation, receiving international acclaim and confirmed by the largest business jet purchase in history to Warren Buffett’s Netjets. As part of my role I also oversaw the new media portfolio at Bombardier for the Business Aircraft division, driving all web, digital, mobile and social initiatives.

Prior to Bombardier, I managed the development of new products and international marketing strategy at MEGA Bloks. MEGA Bloks toys are internationally acclaimed toys for children from ages 2-12. Working with a multifunctional team, I developed business cases on early products concepts all the way to in-market strategies.
It is with this successful business background and passion for technology I launched PPLCONNECT with the vision to build an extraordinary solution for international consumers. Giving the power back to the ppl.

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