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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

API Management: The Agony & the Ecstasy

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The manner in which an API is managed once it is launched is just as critical to its success as the design of the API, and the features it offers. This session will offer a balanced look at the reality of managing a popular API, drawn from over 6 years experience working on APIs at Google.

The session will review the challenges that APIs present across their lifecycle, including growing a developer community, responding to abuse, and turning down APIs that have been deprecated.

All the content will be accompanied with real world examples, and offer concrete advice to take away. By the end of the session attendees should have an improved understanding of what to expect when managing an API, and feel better prepared to do so.



Thor Mitchell

Prod Mgr


Thor Mitchell is a Product Manager at Google, focused on developer platforms. Thor joined Google's London office in 2006, before moved to Sydney, Australia in 2007 to work on the Google Maps API and Google Places API, and then on to California in 2012 to manage the Google+ API.
Prior to working for Google, Thor studied Physics at the University of Oxford, before spending 8 years working for Sun Microsystems Inc., in the UK and the U.S.A., as a software engineer.

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