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Assets in Web 2.0: How to Kick Philanthropic A@!

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Problem: Waste. I hate waste! Assets and resources in our society are under-utilized, wasted, and thrown away. We have a lot of non-profit organizations who need resources (services, items, funding) and don't know where to get them. We also have a lot of non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals who have built up resources and services they can share, but they’re not finding each other.
Solution: In my experience of Co-founding Goodwill Globetrotting and working with community leaders across the world, I’ve found that we can solve this dilemma by having a centralized location for these agents of change to find and share resources, and communicate. That being said, Connect2Good is a web 2.0 networking community that brings together organizations that have assets with agents of change that need those resources. In this session I’ll focus on how everyday citizens are being empowered to work within a multi-stakeholder network to bring about real change in their community.



Joshua Vaughan



Graduating from the University of Texas in 2007 with a degree in Philosophy, Joshua went to work for the American Cancer Society. While at ACS he saw firsthand the tremendous power of a network, and the great value non-profits bring to society as agents of change. After working for a year Josh sold everything and traveled abroad for two years. Two months into his travels, in South East Asia, observing the extreme poverty around him, he resolved to address the issues he saw. Upon arriving back to the U.S., he Co-founded the 501c3 non-profit, Goodwill Globetrotting. Building this global network of non-profits brought him into contact with organizations both abroad and here at home. This intimate relationship with a large variety of non-profits compelled him to address the issues confronting many of the charitable organizations. Realizing the need for more resources in the sector, he began to develop what would become Connect2Good. (The connect2good.com website will launch Sep. 2013).

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