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Introvert Uprising: When the Silent Strike Back

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Are you tired of hearing "What's wrong with you?" from well-meaning co-workers? Do you feel like your peers just talk and talk just to hear themselves speak? Have you been accused of being anti-social or a loner? You're not alone. 57% of the world are introverts, and it's time we make ourselves heard. Being an introvert isn't something to be cured, it's a way of life. Join three very different industry professionals (and one professionally-trained clinical counselor) to hear how we deal with the trials and tribulations of living and working at the far end of the introversion scale. Oh and hey extroverts, stop assuming everyone is like you.



Alisa March

Art Dir


Alisa is a designer, doughnut lover, and wife living in Arlington, Virginia. She is an Art Director at HelloWallet, a Finance start up focused on bringing financial guidance to all while helping Americans learn to spend less than they earn. A very simplistic approach to design is what she believes in. Her everyday work includes web and product design, yet she will always have an affinity for great iconography.
In her spare time, she enjoys photography, fashion, decorating, and loves trying ruben sandwiches in every city that she visits. Her splurges include french macaroons and overpriced coconut water. Alisa rarely has the chance to speak Thai, her native language, so if you know a few words please say hello!


Erin McHam

Professional Clinical Counselor

Erin McHam, MA, PCC is a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with 14 years experience working with adults in individual and couples counseling. The focus of her private practice work is navigating life transitions involving personal, relational and career development. Erin received her MA from The Ohio State University and her training has centered on Gestalt Therapy with the goals of helping clients increase mind/body awareness and experience meaningful change.


Jayna Wallace

Dir of Prod


A passionate advocate of the workshifting movement, Jayna has spent the last 7 of her 14 years in the industry working as a distributed team member at AOL, Myspace, Abbott Labs, Blockbuster, EightShapes and Refinery29, and currently holds the position of Director of Product at Speek, a 16-person startup based in Dulles, VA.

Jayna has been retweeted by Alec Baldwin, The Wall Street Journal and Town & Country Magazine. She is the ninth great-granddaughter to Frances [Alcock] Hutchins, accused of witchcraft in Salem, MA in 1692, and in the late 1980's Jayna became the winner of an Oreo-stacking contest at a grocery store in a small town in central Ohio.


John Malhinha

User Experience Lead

Symantec Corporation

I have over 15 years of experience spanning interaction design, design strategy, product strategy, and client management. With a focus in transactional and application design, I have become well versed in executing systematic design approach that takes into account both the user and business needs.

An artist by trade, my strengths lie in the ability to “read between the lines” and envision direct and approachable creative solutions for complex business and behavioral challenges.

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