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When Licensors & Mobile Games Collide

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From G.I. JOE to The Walking Dead and The Simpsons, many of our favorite franchises in comics, books, film, music, and television are finding new homes and rejuvenated lives on mobile devices. Game developers and publishers are working hand-in-hand with cult-classic brands to usher in the next generation of online gaming experiences for these storied franchises and enrich consumers’ connections to these brands through licensed mobile games.
Learn how game developers and licensors are collaborating to design mobile games that remain true to the franchises fans love while also creating an unforgettable on-the-go entertainment experience. This panel of game developers and licensors will discuss a range of topics including the design challenges of developing a game based on an established franchise, what kind of value a mobile app offers licensors, how to pair a brand with the right kind of gameplay experience, and the marketing strategies involved with launching a licensed mobile game.

This SXSW Gaming Session at the Long Center is FREE and open to the public. However SXSW Interactive, Film, Gold and Platinum badges gain priority seating.



David Phan



David Phan was born in Vietnam and spent his early childhood in the city of Saigon before his family immigrated to Canada in the early 1980s. Now based in Vancouver, Canada, David studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute in Vancouver before transitioning to the games industry. He started out as a game tester and eventually became a producer and project lead for large game companies such as Electronic Arts and DeNA. David has worked on some great game franchises and products thoughout his career such as The Sims, Need for Speed, EA Sports and most recently DeNA’s G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND game.

In David’s free time he has a passion for playing all types of video games, anime/manga and snowboarding.


Margaret Wallace



Named in Forbes as one of twelve women in games to watch, Margaret Wallace is an entrepreneur focusing on the gaming, tech and digital media sectors. She is CEO of Playmatics, a company dedicated to bringing rich gaming & digital media experiences to a variety of connected platforms. Located in Manhattan & San Francisco, Playmatics focuses both on branded and original IP -- with an emphasis on creating refreshing and disruptive interactive experiences, many with connections to the real world. Playmatics also recently debuted its storytelling comic book engine, called PlayComix for rapid cross-platform deployment of interactive narratives in the spirit of recent titles: “Breaking Bad: The Interrogation” and “The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning” for AMCTV.


Terry Redfield

Chief Creative Officer

Real Life Plus

Terry Redfield has always had a love affair with social media and video games since she could toddle. She started her career at age 15, helping to test and create content for text based online communities called BBSs, MUDs, and MOOs, until the birth of graphical virtual worlds called Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMOs. She spent over 5 years immersed in one of the first MMO's, Everquest, leading and organizing over 300 users at a time for the test server design staff.

After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Design at San Jose State, she started her career in games at 3DO in 1996, and has designed and created art for AAA titles ranging from the highly stylized, award winning game "Psychonauts" to more realistic and casual online projects like "vMTV".

She was the founder and CEO of the start up company, Real Life Plus, crafting game designs for clients that would appeal to a mainstream casual audience. She's created features that have increased user retention and monetization for many projects, such as the 2011 GDC game of the year, "Gardens of Time" for Disney. Four months ago Terry founded the company, Wicked Fun, to focus on creating the highly accessible, yet midcore game, "Force of Elements".

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