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Do Consumers Really Care About Online Privacy?

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Who cares about online privacy?

Online interactions now permeate every layer of our society, changing the way people learn, communicate, buy, sell, search and interact. We are now more "track-able" than ever, and entities like Facebook, Google, merchants, and advertisers are eager to use the "data exhaust" users leave behind to learn more about them and sell advertising, goods and services. The government is way ahead, as revelations of the NSA's cyber-surveillance programs have revealed.

But do the widely publicized uses of consumer digital data actually impact user behavior? In this session, we'll set aside the media circus around privacy and examine the data, ranging from consumer use of social media, digital advertising and search to provide some answers: do users' actions actually demonstrate a concern for privacy? What does does privacy really mean in the 21st century, anyway? How can marketers, businesses and consumers align their interests in a way that benefits everyone?



Blair Reeves

Prod Leader


Product Manager at IBM. Digital analytics and marketing strategist. Helping the world hurtle headlong into a fully instrumented future. My German Shepherd approves all outgoing tweets.

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