2014 Schedule
Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Inside the Bubbleverse: Art vs. Branding

#sxsw #Art+Brands


Art and branding don't usually mix well. But what does it look like when the two work together harmoniously?

George Zisiadis and Hillary Andujar are artists and designers who create engaging, interactive experiences across both the commercial and art worlds. They've seen both the huge payoff and pitfalls in combining these two realms.

In the session they will share the lessons learned in creating art experiences for major brands, the secrets to creating engaging experiential marketing, and insights into the future of effectively combining experiential art and branding.



George Zisiadis


George Zisiadis

George Zisiadis is a San Francisco based artist and designer.

His unique projects playfully re-imagine people’s relationships to their environments and to themselves.

When not creating, he does freelance creative work and regularly speaks at universities, conferences, and companies on topics involving creativity, urbanism, art, and design.


Hillary Andujar

Production Designer

I'm a freelance production designer and installation artist—capable of making anything—with a knack for the dark, quirky, and surreal. Though home is the Bay Area, I work all over the globe with names like Woody Allen, Tim Burton, Terri Timely, La Blogothèque, BAMM.tv, and Google.

When I'm not on film crews, I like to create installations and experiences including but not limited to extreme psychedelic costuming. I'm also a VJ, providing dreamy visuals and projections with my media art collective, The Pineal Gland.

In addition, I'm a collage artist, a synesthete, a symbolist, a mystic, an expert dreamer, and an adventurer. I read a book a month and tap dance in my free time.

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