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The Next Mobile Experience

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Today we are still using our mobile devices like the way we used to on old computers with a mouse.

We have limited ourselves to only scrolling up, down, left, and right in most of our mobile experiences, when our touchscreen devices allow us to move freely in every direction we want.

We still design apps that require people to tap on tiny little buttons to initiate some of the most basic functions, when they can be done with simple gestures.

And we allow restrictive and outdated rules and templates to dictate our digital experiences, when they should be limited only by our imaginations.

We need to change the way we use our mobile devices at the fundamental level by losing our old habits and outdated expectations that were developed around using old technologies.

So what can we do to truly take advantage today's technologies and make our mobile experiences more efficient and effortless?

My name is Sung Kim, and I would like to share with you our next mobile experience.



Sung Kim


Gestures Inc

Sung has been selected as one of "The 75 Best Designers In Technology" by Business Insider in 2013.

Previously, he has done design work for a number of Fortune 500 companies. He was the lead designer for Sam's Club Android app, Bud Light's first touchscreen site, and Joinred.com in 2008, which was lauded by Bono. Also he was responsible for optimizing the 7-Eleven.com interior pages and restructuring the Fedex Office Workstation login process that's currently being used nationwide. You can see his latest work at "sungkim.us"

As the founder of Gestures Inc, Sung is currently developing a truly intuitive, gesture-based camera app. You can sign up for beta testing at "TheGestures.com."

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