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Not many people know this, but every night at 3:33AM time is frozen for a moment. During what is a fraction of second to mortal eyes, there is a second night, a secret one where the spirits of the city come out to play. That is the story of the eternal battle for the soul of São Paulo, the clash between bohemia and authoritarianism, between comedy and horror.
“Caveirão” imagines the secret night activities of São Paulo. Inspired by the darker side of Brazilian pop culture, the film crosses over genres and techniques. Fantasy, horror and cartoon meet through live-action, 2D animation and 3D vfx.

Director: Guilherme Marcondes

Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins, Marcelo Negri, Tatê Abrahão

Producer: Guilherme Marcondes, Nicolas Schmerkin, Michael Feder, Tatiana Quintella, Heitor Dhalia, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet

Screenwriter: Guilherme Marcondes

Cinematographer: Pierre de Kerchove

Editor: RJ Glass

Production Designer: Olivia Helena Sanches

Sound Designer: Paulo Beto - Anvil FX

Music: Paulo Beto - Anvil FX

Additional Credits: Additional Producers: Tatiana Quintella, Heitor Dhalia, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet, 2D Animation: Birdo, Post Production Supervisor: Eddy Moussa, Lead Compositor: John Harrison

Principal Cast: Carlos Dias

Guilherme Marcondes is an independent director from Brazil currently living in Brooklyn. He has worked with major studios including Lobo in São Paulo, MTV in London, Motion Theory in LA, and Hornet in NY. His short-films have been shown in countless festivals around the world. The most popular of them, "Tyger" won more than 20 international awards.

Distributor: Autour de Minuit

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Guilherme Marcondes


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