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Little Horribles: Minibar

"Minibar" is an episode of "Little Horribles" -- a darkly comedic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian named Amy. As it recounts Amy's awkward misadventures and myriad humiliations, "Little Horribles" casts its spotlight on all of the things that really aren’t that big of a deal but so often feel like personal tragedies. In this episode, a family trip leads to a minibar bender with escalating consequences.

Director: Episode Dir: Amy Talkington, Series Dir: Amy York Rubin

Executive Producer: Amy York Rubin, Issa Rae

Screenwriter: Amy York Rubin

Cinematographer: Harry Frith

Editor: Bridget Palardy, John Milhiser

Sound Designer: Jay Verkamp

Music: Aaron Olson

Additional Credits: Art Director: Jon Bell, Title Design: Andrew Glickfield, Story Consultant: Sarah Streicher, Story Consultant: Sam Biederman

Principal Cast: Amy York Rubin, Cynthia Stevenson, Tom Virtue, Taylor Lipman, Misty Monroe, Jenn Schatz


If George Castanza and Murphy Brown had a baby, it would be Amy York Rubin. Amy is the creator, star, and often director, of "Little Horribles.” Amy’s work spans comedy shorts with Sarah Silverman to feature screen-writing. The "Minibar" episode of Little Horribles was directed by the award-winning, L.A.-based writer and director Amy Talkington.

Public Film Contact
Amy York Rubin
Barnacle Studios


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