2014 Schedule
Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Future 15s: Indie Film

New to the Film Conference this year, Future 15s are short, intense salvos with each speaker delivering a 15-minute solo performance before being immediately replaced by the following speaker. Come hear Dan Berger, Owen Egerton, and one other speaker give their thoughts on multiple topics related to indie film.

*~123! Alphastacking & You by Dan Berger
Oscilloscope Laboratories was founded in 2008 by Adam Yauch (MCA of Beastie Boys). Releasing close to 70 films in six years and garnering six Academy Award nominations among numerous other accolades, O-Scope has carved out a niche as a forward-thinking, independent distributor with a not always by-the-book approach to their releases. Not every movie fits into the same box, so we should stop trying to shove them in to that f-ing box.

Pole Vaulting the Gate Keepers by Owen Egerton
Too many screenwriters, actors,and filmmakers huddle outside the golden gates of Hollywood studios begging for entrance. Indie thinking, new technology and breakthrough distribution options offers us a chance to vault over would-be gate keepers and enter the filmmaking world on our own terms. But what waits for us once we are in? What challenges? Dangers? Do we really want to be inside?

From Vicious to Virtuous - Flipping the Cycle. by Stephanie Trepanier
A common theme in the film industry is how DIFFICULT everything is.
Over the past years, Stephanie has explored the application of optimistic thinking and strategic action through her work with Evokative Films, the Fantasia Festival and the creation of its Frontières International Co-Production Market. Through this trying but ultimately rewarding process, she noticed a definitive pattern of positive growth that can be applied in various ways. It can all be made easier by shifting your outlook.
(Don’t worry, she won’t get all new-agey on you.)


Dan Berger


Oscilloscope Laboratories

Owen Egerton



Stephanie Trepanier

Market Dir

Fantasia International Film Festival

Stephanie founded the Frontières International Co-Production Market, within the Fantasia International Film Festival, in 2012. It is the first co-production market to focus on genre film for North-American and European film projects. After two editions in Montreal, it is now expanding as a circuit with an edition in Brussels in April 2014.
She has been involved with Fantasia, North-America's largest genre film festival, since 2005, alternatively as a Publicist, New Media Director, Hospitality Director, International Programmer and now Market Director, having major input in the festival's development over the years.
She is also the founder of Evokative Films, a boutique film distribution company that independently released International independent films across Canada from 2008 to 2012, which has evolved into international sales consultation and production development.

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