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10 Tips From Kim Jong-il About Interactive Docs

1) Good Art = Good Propaganda
· The Defector and some of the best web docs out there today

2) What means ‘Interactive?’
· essential attributes of an interactive website

3) American $, Canadian $, I take any $
· lining up the money, all kinds of money

4) Recycle Assets (again and again)
· leveraging film shoots and x-platform projects.

5) You don’t have to make sense (Linear vs Non-linear)

6) Execution (without guns)
· the creative process/design/execution and why everything changes

7) The Tribulations/Problems
· budget limitations, long development cycles, clients

8) Beta test!
· why designers need guinea pigs, so much trouble to shoot

9) Propaganda about your piece
· why PR and promotions is crucial

10) There is no tip #10 due to Austerity Measures


Adrian Belina Creative Dire Jam3Media

One of the 3 partners at Jam3, Adrian is Co-Creative Director and brings to the table not only his creative skills but also a strong knowledge of digital strategy stemming from his advertising and marketing experience. A respected creative judge at several award shows and a permanent judge at the FWA, he also speaks at interactive conferences as well as speaking to college and university students every year about interactive motion and creativity.

Jam3 is one of the world’s top digital production and design agencies. They specialize in creating highly advanced, experiential works in both the advertising and entertainment industries. Their work has been recognized at Cannes, the One show, the Webby’s and SXSW and are among the Top 50 all time FWA winners including the 2012 Site of the Year.

Hannah Donegan Production Coord Fathom Film Group

As social media expert, Hannah has produced crowd-funding campaigns for independent projects, such as The Defector, All Out War, and The Choco Jungle Project. Her work in managing and cultivating social media communities is strongly focused on documentary and social justice films. Equally adept both on and off the set, Hannah is also a production coordinator and manages the public relations for Fathom Film Group.

Jean Lange Vp Sales/Promo Cha Dao Tea Company LLC

Media Ridha Jam3