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Interact with NASA at the James Webb Telescope Exhibit and See Hubble’s Space Successor


Front Lawn - NASA’s successor to Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope, will be 100 times more powerful. The Webb Telescope will orbit far beyond Earth’s Moon where the cold vastness of space will allow it to study the universe’s first galaxies as well as celestial objects hidden by clouds of cosmic dust. Stop by the lawn outside the Long Center (701 W. Riverside Drive) March 8-10 to see Northrop Grumman’s tennis-court-sized, four-story-high, full-scale model of the Webb Telescope. Learn about the vision behind Webb and the challenges of its construction in this immersive experience that showcases the science, images and technologies changing our understanding of the universe.

Free to the public, this exhibit features Microsoft’s interactive World Wide Telescope and activities with NASA that demonstrate how Webb will inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to push the boundaries of science and technology. Delve in for an in-depth look at the perplexing questions that this incredible telescope is designed to answer, such as: How did the universe form? Is our solar system unique? Are we alone in the cosmos?

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