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The Making of Defiance, a Living Transmedia World

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SXSW GEEK Stage - In April of 2013, the largest, most ambitious transmedia project in history comes to life when Defiance debuts on television and launches its online game component. In Defiance, what happens in the online game affects the show on Syfy channel, and vice versa on a future-Earth where once-recognizable iconic American cities have been drastically transformed after a long alien and human war.

Humans and aliens are now desperately trying to co-exist and rebuild a civilization together as the show and game depict dramatic events in both St. Louis and San Francisco. Five years in the making, this will be one of television and interactive gaming's greatest events.


Kevin Murphy Exec Producer Syfy

Mark Stern Pres Original Content Syfy

Mike Snider Technology Columnist USA TODAY

Nick Beliaeff Sr VP, Dev Trion Worlds

Rob Hill Sr Producer Trion Worlds