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Crowdsourcing Digital Device Design


This panel featuring Peter Hoddie of Marvell, Morgan Knutson of DropBox and Stephen Spencer of MAYA Design will explore the challenges of creating digital devices in a fun way. Rather than sit around and prognosticate on what makes products great or talk about the latest crop of cool gadgets, this interactive panel will come up with concepts for new digital devices in real time. We'll do that by preparing grab bags of parts. The panel participants will pull out a collection of parts, and come up with new product ideas on the spot. Audience participation will be encouraged to share their ideas. This will provide a basis to discuss all aspects of digital device design, including functionality, target market, cost, industrial design, third party dependencies, etc. Most of us are on the receiving end of completed products. This panel will be a fun way for attendees to gain insight into what it takes to come up with a realistic, great idea.