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Shannon and the Clams


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Together The Clams provide a secret ingredient that binds together doo-wop, early rock and R&B, girl group classics, 60's garage/psych, surf and glints of punk in a way that's hard to get across in words. You have to listen to it. You have to see it when it comes to your town. You have to be there and feel that moment when you're compelled to turn to the stranger next to you and slow dance together to a song like "Done With You" and then immediately shake every part you got that shakes to "The Cult Song". Call it what you want; Young Oldies, Garage Rock, Surf, Doo Wop, Punk, whatever, just call it on Friday night.

The album Sleep Talk features twelve new songs that Kim Fowley and Lou Christie would have clawed each others eyes out to get a hold of in the early 60's. Shannon can belt out fierce and fun like Wanda Jackson and Etta James going head to head in a competition for the last bottle of hooch in a song like "King of the Sea" and then play that heart-broken-bad-girl-tryin'-to-do-good bit that hasn't been done this well since the Tammys or the Shangri-La's in a song like "Tired of Being Bad". Cody, the bands guitarist and other main song writer/singer comes on like a crooning, hiccuping, lo-fi garage version of Buddy Holly with a touch of Marc Bolan and the aformentioned Christie. Although he excercises the economy and agression of Garage Rock in ways a man like Christie would never have imagined but with a tenderness and vocal register you know he'd appreciate. Ian, the bands drummer, in addition to his skill at his own instrument provides additional back ups that would make Ennio Morricone and a tribe of head hunters equally as proud.

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