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La Snacks


Listen to My Little Sugary Friend

Washington Post

"Austin-based La Snacks sound like they might be slackers. That's not a bad thing, mind you. The band's casual songs aren't packed with effects or a bevy of sounds to try to convince you of its members' extremely diverse record collections. Some clever turns of phrase and a slinky guitar line with just the right amount of distortion is enough to make the songs memorable. Sometimes the best way to show off is to show that you don't need to show off."

Big Takerover

"“Christ Sakes and Milkshakes” is buzzing, bouncy guitar pop, while “My Little Sugary Friend” is more relaxed and reflective. As before, singer Robert Segovia delivers his wry, acerbic lyrics in an assertive, brash, talk-sing style that vaguely recalls Ray Davies"


"The blissfully slacked-out La Snacks would have found good company in the mid-’90s sandwiched on a Pavement/Archers of Loaf bill, but even Pavement rarely wrote songs as simultaneously snarky and reverent as “Emo Kind of Love."