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El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado


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EL MATO UN POLICIA MOTORIZADO is an indie rock band from La Plata, Argentina. Formed by Santiago Motorizado (bass and vocals), Dra. Muerte (drums), Pantro Puto (guitar), Niño Elefannte (guitar) and Chatran Chatran (keyboards), the band combines punk rock with noise rock and distorted guitars. Among the influences, the band name bands as Pixies, Ramones, Weezer, Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground.

Their first LP was "El Mató a Un Policia Motorizado" (2004). In 2005 the band begins to release the trilogy depicting the birth, life and death, with a serie of EPs: "Navidad de Reserva", "Un millon de euros" (2006) and "El Día de los Muertos" (2008). The band started a tour called "El Nuevo Magnetismo" which took the band to tour for entire Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Spain, France and Germany, playing in big festivals like Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Porão do Rock in Brasilia, Indie Fest in Rio de Janeiro, and Personal Fest in Buenos Aires.

The band released their last album "Dinastia Scorpio" in november of 2012, with excelent reviews in all mags of South America. The Rolling Stone Magazine in Mexico named the band into the list of the best ten albums of 2012.

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