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Killa Cal-Wayne


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Killa Cal-Wayne (Born Calvin Wayne Masters) to Sheila Masters and James Coleman, Jr. Raised in the notorious "Cuney Homes" apts. in 3rd Ward, located on the Southside of Houston. Born into poverty, murder, drugs, the works. Raised in family shelters (Star of Hope, Salvation Army, Jesus Centre), lived with my friends. Lost my cousin and brother to gun violence. Went to prison 3 times and realized I was tired and read the letters from my brother who kept telling me to rap cause I was actually good. I been singing and rapping since 5, winning local and school talent shows, in the neighbourhood groups, so I said go for it. I don’t have shit to lose and before I go I want to expose what America is breeding and tell the story of the poor and neglected, all the while helpin the South get more lyrical respect.