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Jacco Gardner


Listen to Clear The Air

Allow us to introduce the US debut of 24-year old Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner - prepare to have your minds blown. After releasing a criminally limited 7-inch in Europe earlier in 2012, Gardner returns with a brand-new, double dose of hits for Trouble In Mind. "Where Will You Go"s opening guitar strums fade into view before lurching into a dreamy baroque-pop groover, with lush melodies cascading over a driving drum beat, conjuring images of Syd jamming with Revolver-era Beatles. "Summer's Game" chimes in with Jacco crooning like a young Colin Blunstone over a lilting harpsichord that unfolds into a heavenly psychedelic pop gem- shimmering right there on your turntable. Mining the past can be tricky business, but Gardner maneuvers his way around the trappings by not simply aping his influences, but by creating a unique & stirring new voice in modern psychedelic pop music.

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