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Young Hines


Rowdy power pop revivalist Brendan Benson adds record label proprietor to his résumé with the release of Young Hines' full-length debut, Give Me My Change. The inaugural release for Benson's Readymade Records introduces listeners to the Atlanta born, Nashville based singer/songwriter Hines, who fronted a Beatles cover band before his online demos helped land his big break. That musical past helps reveal Hines' multifaceted ear for pop melodies as he jumps from breezy, early-'70s Paul McCartney stylings ("Forever Young") and bright, Squeeze-esque new wave ("Better Things"), to the brooding, slow burning of "Hold You and Scold You" and folk-rock winking of "Just Say No (Sometimes)." Though the genre jumping risks sounding heavy-handed or just not working as a cohesive album, Hines' sincere but never overeager delivery wins out, making for a debut that showcases his broad talents and invites repeated spins.

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