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At Home He's a Tourist: Louisiana Folklife in the Social Media Era

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The Gang of Four's song from 1979 dramatized a person's lack of an authentic relationship with his culture. Last year in New Orleans, a second line in memory of "Uncle" Lionel Battiste seemingly included as many photographers as participants, raising questions about their relationship to the event as well. What happens when the tools to be a photographer or reporter are as close by as the phone in your pocket?


MODERATOR Alex Rawls Writer

I write and edit My Spilt Milk, a website covering music, art and culture in New Orleans and beyond.

Erika Goldring Photographer BMI

Brian Boyles The People Say Project

Brian Boyles is the Director of Public Relations and Programs at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and Creative Director of the People Say Project. Beginning in 2003, he developed theater and multi-media events at the Williamsburg Art Nexus in Brooklyn and the Sideshow Gallery, as well as featured performances at the Charlie Parker Festival, the Vision Festival, the Bowery Poetry Club, and the Theater for the New City’s Summer Festival. He is a past contributor to Offbeat, Oxford American, SLAM, The Brooklyn Rail, Gathering of the Tribes Magazine, the Lens and Louisiana Cultural Vistas. A DJ and founding member of East Village Radio, he returned to New Orleans in 2006 and began developing programming at the Louisiana Humanities Center (LHC), including the “As Told By Themselves: The New Orleans Brass Bands” oral history project and the LHC’s acclaimed series on the history of the New Orleans mayoralty. He is working on a book about New Orleans and the Super Bowl.

Louis Michot The Lost Bayou Ramblers

Alison Fensterstock Music Writer New Orleans Times-Picayune

Alison Fensterstock writes about music and pop culture for | The Times-Picayune in New Orleans. She also talks and writes and organizes other people talking and writing about Louisiana roots music (including bounce) for lots of places.