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Selling Albums in a Spotify World: Non-Traditional Strategies

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Is the subscription music business model ultimately a positive or negative for music industry revenues, compared to the purchase model? Whichever side of the argument you land on, it's agreed that maintaining a healthy business based on music ownership alongside a growing streaming business could be a great solution. But what can we do to create value in the ownership of music in a world where streaming access to music is ubiquitous? Is buying and owning music still a relevant concept? We'll discuss innovative ways in which artists and labels have sought to creatively reposition and redefine selling music in a Spotify world.


MODERATOR Thaddeus Rudd GM Mom+Pop Music

Darius Zelkha Mgr-In-Chief Tough Love Artist Mgmt

Amanda Palmer Artist

JT Myers Co-Founder & Partner mtheory

Adam Tudhope Everybody's Management