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Stairway to Heaven and Cloud Music

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The cloud contains more music than listeners ever dreamed possible, but there is peril in having so much music available: how do you decide what to listen to when you can sample everything? Without a guide, many recordings can be lost in the cloud. Services and apps need metadata to build their own guides for the celestial jukebox, to provide not only an engine for discovering new content but also a roadmap to re-discovering what you already have. Find out about the benefits of both approaches and how they can work together to provide a robust user experience.



MODERATOR Tom Erlewine Sr Editor Pop, Allmusic/Rovi Rovi

Stephen Thomas Erlewine--aka Tom Erlewine--has been a part of Allmusic since its inception in 1991. Currently a Senior Editor of Pop Music, Erlewine reviews countless records every year and also writes for Maura Magazine and has contributed liner notes to releases by Legacy Records and Raven Records.

Max Weisel RelativeWave

Max Weisel (born 1991 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American software
engineer and digital artist. He is one of the few developers to release an iOS app that predates the release of Apple’s App Store.
He’s collaborated with avant garde artist Björk, to produce Biophilia, the first full-length app album. In addition his work has been featured in museums such as the New York Museum of Modern Art. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA where he runs a small software development company.

Maria Sciarrino UX Project Lead Wharton Research Data Services

Maria is a feminist, guitar enthusiast, radio dork, and user experience designer from Philadelphia, PA.

During business hours she can be found designing interfaces and experiences for Wharton Research Data Services, a leading data research platform and business intelligence tool, located at the University of Pennsylvania.

Off the clock, Maria has been involved with WPRB 103.3 FM (Princeton, NJ) for over 10 years as a host and management consultant. She previously performed in the band Bedroom Problems, and has contributed to a variety of online publications as a photographer and blogger. Her last appearance at SXSW Music was part of 2006's "Blogs Gone Wild" panel.

Walter Gross Sr Dir, Digital Mktg Capitol Music Group

Over ten years experience as a digital technology and design professional. I have worked with some of music’s biggest artists to create, develop and manage highly engaging consumer facing websites and applications that achieve measurable results.

Katie Schlosser Dir, Label Rel North America Spotify