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Elevator Pitch Session

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What is your brilliant idea? Anyone can stand up and present an up to 1-minute pitch about their company or idea, to connect with others who might be interested in working with them. If you would like to participate, preparation is not necessary - but is definitely encouraged.


MODERATOR Brian Zisk SF MusicTech Summit

Brian Zisk is a parallel entrepreneur specializing in digital media, web broadcasting and distribution technologies. He is a founder of BuzzMakers, Inc., which produces the SF MusicTech Summit and the Future of Money & Technology Summit. He is a co-founder of the SF MusicTech Fund. Additionally, Brian is a Co-Founder and Technologies Director of the Future of Music Coalition and a Board Member and/or Strategic Advisor for a wide variety of tech companies and non-profits. Brian was previously a founder of The Green Witch Internet Radio which was sold to CMGI (NASDAQ: CMGI) at the turn of the millennium. He is active in many influential computer-mediated forums, is quoted and published extensively in the media, frequently appears on panels and at industry events domestically and abroad, and is an expert at frenzy whipping, brand awareness, and in creating new business models.