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Each year festivals around Europe erect city templates with population densities greater than Shanghai's. It is a unique interplay between music, art, architecture, games, and togetherness. The festivals are a metropolitan platform for knowledge sharing, exploring potential and creating innovation. Their playful process is a catalyst for real world applications, and though festivals might be temporary, their wake is persistent. It is very simple: What you'll find in your community tomorrow, you will experience at these festivals today.


MODERATOR Esben Danielsen Director of Innovation Roskilde Festival

I'm very strong in developing new project and concepts, and bringing them to life and making results.
My work is always focused on primary values and "the cause" of the project. "WHY" is the first step before "HOW" and "WHAT".

Fruzsina Szep Program Dir Sziget Festival

Fabian Holt Assoc Professor Roskilde University

Mikolaj Ziolkowski Festival Coord Heineken Opener Festival


EXIT Festival founder
Warriors Dance Festival Serbia Founder
AAA Production Director