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When Music Startups Grow Up

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As music start-ups become bigger (or become part of bigger organizations through an acquisition) the very foundation of the company become under threat: an agile work environment, close relationships with the users, a strong brand and buy-in from the employees are some of the key characteristics of a small music company and keeping these through rapid growth can be a massive challenge. Explore how digital music start-ups should (or shouldn't) deal with rapid growth or an acquisition. Expert participants will speak from their experience, either from the side of the start-up or from the position of the investors and companies that have acquired start-ups.



MODERATOR Jonas Woost Exec Producer CBC Music

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Jonas first starting working in the music industry at a young age before relocating to London in 2001. After working for a series of record labels he assumed the role of Head of Music at towards the end of 2005 and led the Music Department in dealing with record labels, artists and other music owners from all over the world. After CBC's $280 million acquisition of in 2007 Jonas continued to help with the international growth of the British start-up.

At the start of 2010 Jonas moved to Vancouver, BC where he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as the Executive Producer for CBC Radio 3. In his first year with the CBC lead the development of CBC Music, the new digital music service from the Canadian Public Broadcaster and has since moved to the position of Executive Producer, Digital Music at the CBC.

Josh Builder CTO The Orchard

Dave Haynes VP Business Dev SoundCloud