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Major Label Mergers & Digital Distribution

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Now that Universal Music Group has bought the storied EMI major record label, the major label market is more consolidated than ever. What does this mean for online music services that depend on sound recording licenses to function, and what does it mean for the artists and fans that use digital music platforms? Representatives of artists, consumers, online services, and record labels discuss the effects of the UMG/EMI merger and consolidation in the recorded music market. What incentives do record labels have to cooperate with or attempt to control digital distribution services? How are those incentives are changed by consolidation in the industry?


MODERATOR Jodie Griffin Staff Attorney Public Knowledge

Paul Geller CEO The BKRY

Founder and CEO of The BKRY NYC and
Fmr. Senior Vice President of Public Policy at

Lita Rosario Pres & CEO WYZ GIRL Entertainment Consulting

Vernon Brown Chairman & CEO V Brown & Company

Charles Caldas CEO Merlin Bv