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Music Festivals: The Real Deal From The Experts

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The most exciting development in the concert business is the proliferation of music festivals in America. Popular in Europe for years, multi-day events are expanding notably in the US. Get into the nuts and bolts of running a festival with discussions ranging from budgeting and ticketing to booking and marketing.


MODERATOR Todd Sims CEO Flavorus/Groovetickets

Todd Sims is the CEO of Flavorus, Inc.

At age 17 Todd started his own web design firm, and then continued his career as a project manager during the dot-com boom in the late nineties, helping companies build their websites. He founded Flavorus in 1999 when he saw the need for an inexpensive and easy to use ticketing service. Since then, Flavorus has become one of the largest-ticket sellers in the world, selling over 1.2 million tickets in 2012 while helping over 1000 venues and promoters run successful events.

In his spare time, Todd likes going to shows, hiking, skiing, sailing, biking, canyoning, scuba diving, and motor-cross. He can also solve a Rubik’s Cube in under five minutes.

Todd live in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennifer and his daughter Hannah.

Jonathan Fordin Pres MCP Presents (Meatcamp Productions Inc)

Charlie Jennings Dir of Event Ops, Talent Buyer AC Entertainment

Meelo Solis Event Promoter Insomniac Inc

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