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Going Wide With Ticket Distribution

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The days of exclusive distribution channels are gone. Today there are countless places to sell tickets through multiple channels and at different prices. Can going wide enhance your marketing reach and allow you to compete with the secondary market? Find out which outlets will reach your fans and to manage the process.




Barry Kahn is founder and chief executive officer of Qcue where he drives the vision and overall business strategy for the company. An economist and recognized thought leader in the ticketing industry, Barry provides guidance to professional sports teams, concert promoters and venue managers on how to optimize revenue while providing the best value to fans. Barry is a frequent speaker, author and media spokesperson whose commentary has appeared in leading media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Sports Illustrated, The Economist, CNBC, and many others. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in economics from The University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S. in applied engineering physics from Cornell University.

Mark Achler SVP, New Business Strategy & Innovation Redbox

As senior vice president of new business, strategy and innovation at Redbox, Mark Achler manages the Company’s long-term planning and expansion into new business opportunities. Achler was recently featured as a mentor to a tech startup on Bloomberg TV’s “The Mentor.”

Prior to joining Redbox in 2009, Achler co-founded one of the first personal computer retail stores in the country and participated in the launch of the IBM PC in Boca Raton in 1981. He then moved to Apple, where he was the worldwide introduction manager for the Apple //c.

Upon leaving Apple, Achler co-founded and served as chief executive officer of the Whitewater Group, a company that specialized in development tools and programming languages and shipped the second application for Windows 1.0. After building and eventually selling the Whitewater Group, he co-founded the video game company, Kinesoft Development, where he served as president. Kinesoft was instrumental in developing the technology that allowed Sega and Nintendo scrolling action arcade games to be played on Windows 95.

After leaving Kinesoft, Achler served as a founding general partner in Kettle Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund. While at Kettle, Achler was the lead investor in local Chicago companies such as Surepayroll (sold to PAYX) and Novarra (sold to NOK).

Fueled by a lifelong passion for building new businesses, Achler also has helped to co-found Emmi Solutions, a provider of patient education, where he first served as president and later became chief executive officer.

Achler is also a frequent speaker, resource and ardent champion for the entrepreneurial community; where he is a mentor for Excelerate Labs and the Chicago High Tech Academy.

Larry Martin VP of Sales ScoreBig

After years experiencing the challenges of unsold inventory from the supply side, the opportunity to address the problem from the demand side attracted Larry to ScoreBig. Previously, Larry was senior director of team business operations for the NBA, overseeing ticketing strategy and operations, inventory management and ticket sales for all NBA, WNBA and D-League teams. He was also the NBA's primary liaison to primary and secondary ticketing providers. Before the NBA, Larry worked with Acxiom Corporation and the Miami HEAT Group where he spent eight years. Larry received a BA from the University of Vermont, and a Masters in sports administration and a JD from St. Thomas University in Miami.

Jim McCarthy CEO Goldstar

Jim McCarthy is the CEO of Goldstar, the world’s largest seller of half-price live entertainment tickets online. Before launching Goldstar in February 2002, Jim was Vice President of Marketing for venture-backed Kiko, Inc., and previous to that developed highly successful sales products for GeoCities until its acquisition by Yahoo! in 1999. Jim is a graduate of the Anderson School of Business at UCLA and Harvard University. Jim has penned articles for such publications as Fast Company, Business Insider, and E-Commerce Times. He has participated at the annual TED conference since 2008 and is an organizer of TEDxBroadway launched in 2012. He serves as Chief Editor for Live 2.0, an online initiative to build awareness of the rising prominence of the live entertainment segment of the entertainment economy.