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Internet: How To Not Go Crazy Being Everywhere

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It's 2013. The amount of options for bands is endless - do you use Pinterest or Google +? Bandcamp or Itunes? Should you try to be on every platform or focus on just a few? Although options are a great thing to have, the amount of ways for musicians to spread their music across the web is almost infinite, and we've seen more and more musicians spending their practice and performance time trying to optimize their online presence. Get more visibility and help plan out how to best use the internet without going crazy.


Justin Cornwall DJ/Social Media-ist/Event Production

Justin Cornwall, 21 year old music entrepreneur, is one of the younger contenders in the Los Angeles events scene. Starting at 16, as an intern for a major record label, working his way up the ladder of music business, Justin has seen many faces of music. He has travelled the country multiple times as a tour manager, been a part of some of the countries biggest festivals, but always ends up back in sunny California. He was raised being plugged into the internet. As a DJ / tour manager / production manager / "I'll do whatever you need to make this work" guy, it is completely necessary to have an online presence! Justin manages accounts for several artists, weekly events, production teams and takes care of his own. He has the knowhow on how to successfully take care of your audience at 2 AM after a show, or during those months while hiding away doing recording.

Matt Conn Founder & Creative Dir GaymerCon

Mike Wald COO Oniracom

Mike has been involved with technology since playing on his first Apple in 1988. Educated as an Ecological Anthropologist, he brings both scientific and sociological insight to every project. He has worked with a broad spectrum of technologies and even broader list of media in his 10+ years of web development. This multi-faceted background allows him to make complex sites work beautifully. As the Chief Business Development Officer, Mike’s current passion is creating effective solutions for communication and transparency in the entertainment industry.

Nani Stoick Vector Management/7-10 Music

Zach Hinkle Dir of Mktg Sneak Attack Media

Zach Hinkle is a marketer and creative with over 10 years of music industry experience, starting out as an artist and moving into the marketing, publicity, and digital aspects of the music industry. He is now Marketing Director at Sneak Attack Media, a boutique digital agency in New York City. At Sneak Attack Media Hinkle works with music labels, artists, publishers, app developers, brands and more, building powerful and unique online marketing campaigns to support their products and releases.

Hinkle is also a published writer having interviewed multiple artists for PopMatters including the late Vic Chesnutt, New York songwriter Adam Green, and songstress Orenda Fink. He writes fiction on his days off.

Lastly, he's a self-proclaimed nice guy so feel free to reach out, say hello, and have a chat.