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Get together with other LGBT professionals in the new media sphere for an hour of brainstorming, idea-buidling, networking, friend-making and career-enhancement.


Kate X Messer Special Issues y El Gay The Austin Chronicle

Kate X Messer is a 23-year veteran of SXSW and a 19-year newsie at The Austin Chronicle. Currently, she serves as senior editor specializing in mentoring interns, producing features and special guides ("Best of Austin," "Pride Guide," etc.), wrangling the weekly "After a Fashion" column, and covering Austin' saucy queer scene in the "Gay Place" listings and blog. She has extensively covered Austin's public service and LGBTQ communities, taking special interest in social justice and under-served populations, and donates her time and services as the editor-in-chief of the local gay chamber of commerce's quarterly magazine, The Agenda.

Kate X hails from Florida, adores New Orleans, brainy tomboy femmes, key limes, and long walks on the beach, is a vinyl-only DJ (SEND HER SOME RECORDS), and takes pride in her status as Eastsider, AmeriCorps/TX State Bobcat mom, queer pops to some fine bois and daughters, and gay uncle to anyone who would like one.