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Digital Teleportation Meet Up

#sxsw #DigTelPort


This is a meetup for people interested how the analog and digital words collide. The idea of "Digital Teleportation" is being used to describe digital experiences that allow users to affect something physical somewhere outside their current surroundings

These projects typically use a software solution in concert with connected hardware to enhance the physical experience that is happening somewhere else in the world—digitally teleporting a user's presence into another space. See examples at

The organizer is interested in bringing people together from the interactive community who may want to explore this topic further by connecting people interested in hardware development, sensors, robotics, web developers, interactive storytellers, tinkerers, hackers and creatives of all types. We may even experiment with some ways to bring folks into the meetup who are elsewhere in the world!


Ben Thoma Sr Art Dir GSD&M

Art Director for Advertising who tends to not leave well enough alone.