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DreamIt Ventures Finding & Managing Co-Founders

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You’ve been told you need a co-founder, but why? And how do you pick the right one? You’re an engineer & you think biz folks are kind of sucky, why do you need them? You’re a biz person & you’re getting the cold shoulder from engineers & designers. Or let's say you've found your entrepreneurial soulmate. Turns out, bringing on a co-founder and staying in synch about what you each want is complex. Come hear from startup founders about the following topics:

Pros/cons of co-founders
The right make-up for a team
Where do you find them?
How do you “date”?
Equity & vesting
Divvying up responsibilities
Dealing w/ growth
Managing strong personalities
How do you handle or avoid a breakup? 


Jesse Pickard Co-founder & CEO MindSnacks

Jesse is the CEO and co-founder of MindSnacks. Prior to MindSnacks, Jesse worked at Razorfish as a user experience designer. There, he designed mobile applications and websites for Victoria’s Secret, Ford, Ralph Lauren, and Condé Nast. Jesse has presented at SXSW and was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for Games and Apps in 2012.

Jonathan Dobbertin Co Founder Call Grader

Jonathan Dobbertin is a seasoned entrepreneur that has both succeeded and failed spectacularly. Jonathan moved into technology startups after selling his small chain of adult beverage stores in San Antonio in late 2007. Jonathan Dobbertin started CityVoice, a search marketing company based in Texas in 2008. CityVoice quickly grew to 30 employees and was generating millions in annual revenue. Soon after, Jonathan and his core team started Lytning, a digital marketing consultancy which was acquired in the summer of 2012. CallGrader, a call analytics company and Dreamit alumni is Jonathan’s most recent startup. Jonathan now spends the majority of his time actively involved in the startup community helping other entrepreneurs, and developing CallGrader.

Mike Levinson CEO & Founder WizeHive

Co-Founder and Partner, DreamIt Ventures. Co-Founder & CEO - WizeHive, Inc.

Steve Welch CEO & Founder KinderTown