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New Storytelling with Canadian Broadcasters

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Storytellers are blurring the lines between traditional television and new forms of fiction and Canadian broadcasters are embracing the opportunities - as second screen convergent experiences, standalone web series and into games. For example, in Quebec, the Canada Media Fund and The Bell Fund support media projects that are attracting new audiences to traditional public broadcasting and institutions like Radio-Canada and ONF/NFB.

In this session we will explore how storytelling crosses platforms. We will propose case studies of projects such as Le Judas, Zieuter and United-States of Africa. These media projects challenge and redefine the boundaries of traditional fiction, documentary, ARG and online games. We will showcase how interactive strategies increase user engagement and extend viewing with audience interaction on multiple platforms.


Amit Breuer Pres Amythos Media/Films

Amit Breuer is an award-winning docmedia producer–director based in Canada. Born and raised in Israel, she founded Amythos Films (now Amythos Media), one of the first independent documentary production companies in the country. Her body of work received the Israeli official ”Art of Cinema” Award in 2002. In 2004, Breuer relocated to Toronto, along with her family, continuing to produce successful projects for traditional and emerging media platforms. Some noteworthy projects include Testimonies (1993); St. Jean (1993); The Specialist (1999); Purity (2003, Yamagata audience Award, Golden Fipa Biarritz); Checkpoint (2004, winner of over 12 major international awards); Love Letters To the Future (2009, an innovative ARG that ‬ won two 2010 Webby Awards and a Gemini and was a finalist at SXSW). ‬Guantanamo Trap a theatrical feature documentary premiered at Hot Docs 2011 and won Special Jury Award. Current projects include my September 11th, an innovative social media companion project for the film and Exile a multi-platform property that is a Canada-France co-production. Breuer has been a speaker ,presenter and mentor invited regularly to countless industry conference panels in venues such as Berlinale 2012, Hot Docs and Dok Leipzig 2011 to mention few , She a was member of the jury at CPH DOX Copenhagen Amnesty Award, Doc Aviv ,Hot Docs and IDFA among others.

Ghassan Fayad Pres Kngfu

Ghassan Fayad serves as founder and president of Kngfu. Over the 6 years since the company's creation, Kngfu has achieved a position of leadership in Montreal's digital media, entertainment and culture industries, and has won several honors and awards (CNMA, Webby, Boomerangs, Gémeaux). Ghassan has come to be a respected voice in the Canadian New Media landscape. The company's now producing original digital properties and working for such clients as the NFB, Ubisoft, the Montreal Canadiens, La Presse, Radio-Canada, CBC, Alliance, Paperny Films, Moment Factory, Sympatico and Téléquebec.
Ghassan has held various positions, from producer, director, senior developer to creative director. He has explored numerous other fields such as software architecture, design, video, animation and illustration. He has been a regular lecturer at INIS, mentor and invited to speak in countless conference panels (SXSW, HotDocs, FNC, RIDM, MIP, Banff, NextMedia, DocAgora) and was member of the jury at 2008's Boomerang Awards and 2009's CNMA awards.
Ghassan obtained his Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Engineering (McGill, 2001) and studied new media production at INIS (2003).

Pierre-Mathieu Fortin Head of Creation, Online Content Radio-Canada

Pierre-Mathieu Fortin is the creative head of original content productions for the Internet and Digital Services of Radio-Canada, the french-language services of Canada's national broadcaster. As a freelancer, he has worked in radio and television, movies and interactive media, advertising, film distribution and museum curation.