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Millennials Speak Out: How to Manage the GenX Boss

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The media is flooded with stories of this new generation of workers, their need for constant praise, and perceived sense of entitlement. Millennials are described as arrogant, needy, and lacking in the work ethic found in the generations that came before. Research shows that Millennials are confident, interested in personal growth & communication, and have a quick ability to learn new technology. Conflict in the workplace is erupting as Millennials collide with their GenX and Baby Boomer supervisors. Baby Boomers have a team orientation, respect hierarchy and are likely to be workaholics. GenXers, the original “Who Cares” generation, are self-reliant and pragmatic. They believe in doing a job without needing daily praise and feedback. Hear from a multi-generational panel about the tensions in the workplace and learn what skills are necessary to bridge these generational differences. Learn what companies are doing to create productive work teams and friendly policies.


Amy Mixa Mktg Asst Mgr PepsiCo

Amy Mixa is an Assistant Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, working on the Pepsi NEXT brand team with a focus on innovation, digital/social media, grassroots sampling, and retail/foodservice activation. She is also the lead of Conn3ct, an employee resource group at PepsiCo, which focuses on talent retention of young professionals by fostering a culture in which they can thrive.

Betsy Flanagan VP Student Engagement Altius Education

Betsy Flanagan is VP of Student Engagement at Altius Education, responsible for student experience, product development, student engagement, communication, social media, segmentation strategy, advocacy programs, and online community management with the overarching goal of improving student outcomes. She has a passion for innovation, strategy, new media and online trends. Before joining Altius, Betsy was VP of Social Media Strategy at Wells Fargo Bank. Previous positions include Internet strategy, online sales and marketing, and founder of Startup Studio, a podcast featuring her interviews with innovative entrepreneurs. Betsy is a frequent speaker at major new media industry events including CES, SXSWi, and Blogworld/Social Media Business Summit. Betsy has an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and an AB in anthropology, cum laude, from Harvard College.

Jay Adelson Center Electric

Luke Davids musician Walt Disney World Resort

Luke Davids is a prominent young musician in Orlando working full-time for Walt Disney World. As a young employee on a multi-generational work team, Luke has learned to navigate a large corporation working under multiple managers that are frequently rotated. He has developed several strategies when working in a corporate setting that he now passes down to new employees.