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MIY: The Maker Movement

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Humans have always been makers and inventors. It’s what sets us apart from other animals — we don’t just use tools, we make them. Somewhere along the line, though, we stopped making “things.” What we create now lives in the ether — in websites, content and apps. But we’re ready to make again. Just look at the visual content movement, and platforms like Pinterest; much of their content is centered on DIY — everything from food to crafts to up-cycled art. It’s feeding our need to make. Add to this the surge in access to technology, and the ability to make even the most complex things is now at our fingertips. Crowdsourced websites are bringing good ideas to life while technologies like 3D printing are revolutionizing manufacturing — allowing powerful ideas to come to fruition without the burden of scale. This topic will explore what happens when the rise of “making things” combines with new technologies.


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